The event space at the Sheridan Suite consists of an inner and outer tier.  Both tiers are on the same level, so use of the entire suite as a single event space is seamless and unobstructed.  Many clients make optimum use of its spacious flexibility.
The inner and outer tiers can be completely separated by fixed banquette seating and optional draping.  This is the ideal solution for clients who require the space to be modified to suit smaller numbers.  Likewise when different aspects of their events are taking places at various locations within the suite.

The overall dimensions are:-

  • Area – 2323 sq m (25,000 sq ft)
  • Length – 72.5 m (237 ft)
  • Width – 33.5 m (109 ft)
  • Height (inner tier) – 3.8 m (12.6ft)
  • Height (outer tier) – 3.5 m (116 ft)

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