As organisers would expect of a contemporary venue, the Sheridan Suite boasts a range of facilities to meet the demands of medium to large sized events.  Our key features, which are by no means exhaustive, encompass:-

  • Temporary sub-division, in several different connotations, of the total 2322.5 square metres of event space, allowing for various layout options for events not requiring the entire space
  • Fully adjustable air conditioning
  • Lift, escalator and stair access to main event space
  • Dedicated loading area for heavy equipment, plus heavy goods lift to main event space
  • In house lighting system, including a variety of spotlights
  • In house sound system, upgradable with additional PA equipment and microphones to suit individual events
  • Purpose built reception desk for organiser use
  • Organisers office adjacent to reception desk
  • Presidential Suite adjoining main event space for speaker green room, artist changing and private bridal area
  • Three fully licensed bars within the main event space
  • 3 phase power available

Get in Touch

Our Events Team looks forward to discussing your event requirements and welcoming you to the Sheridan Suite.

T: 0161 203 5444
E: sales@sheridansuite.co.uk